mile on a Japanese road without seeing one of them. The Japanese have remembered their love for the picturesque in arranging their temples and shrines, and thus have made them attractive to the great


mass of the people. "Since the opening of Japan to foreigners, the missionaries have devoted

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much attention to the country as a field of labor. Compared with the result of missionary labors

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in India, the cause has prospered, and a great deal of good has been accomplished. The Japanes

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e are not an unthinking people, and their faculties of analysis are very keen. They show more in

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terest in the doctrines of Christianity than do the Chinese and some other Oriental people, and

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are quite willing to discuss them whenever they are properly presented." The discussion came

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r Central Bridge, and enjoy an afternoon view of the river. Off they started, and in due time were at the famous bridge, and in the midst of the active life that goes on in its vicinity. The view u

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E NIHON BASHI. THE GREAT KOSATSU, NEAR THE NIHON BASHI. "The kosatsu," continued Doctor Bronson, "is the sign-board where the official notices of the government are posted. You find these boards in

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